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Newport-Mesa Provides Technology Focused Opportunities for Teachers to Maximize Instructional Practices
Posted 1/7/20

Tech TOSA Hour

Before we are able to effectively teach students purposeful and responsible use of technology, we must start with teachers. Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) offers teachers opportunities to have one-on-one, personalized training on all things technology, from the basic office programs to the engaging and effective tech tools. 

NMUSD’s Education Technology Department implemented an Ed Tech Office Hours program as an opportunity for teachers to receive individualized, grade-level support on technology integration into the curriculum. Follow up opportunities are also available for teachers to co-design instruction that is more substantive, engaging and aligned with current standards, all while benefiting from modern technology tools.

As part of the Ed Tech Office Hours program, a roving substitute teacher provides coverage in the classrooms while teachers are being trained. 

“The program’s goal is to empower our staff with the tools and resources so they can better support our students’ needs and stay up to date on best-practices related to technology integration,” said NMUSD Director of Educational Technology Dr. Jenith Mishne. “Our teachers are always excited to learn about the technology available to them at their own pace and level of understanding!” she said.

With more than 100 technology web-based services, programs and applications available, teachers have the ability to learn about technology to help them better collaborate with students and provide deeper and more engaged learning. Some of the hot topics at Ed Tech Office Hours include:

  • Students engage in creative ways with applications such as Flipgrid, Book Creator and Seesaw that amplifies student voice and builds their confidence. 
  • Pear Deck takes teacher’s presentations and transforms them into interactive lessons that strengthen student engagement.
  • Google Drive Applications are a productivity suite of tools from word processing, spreadsheets, slideshows to creating online surveys and assessments. There are endless opportunities for any user.
  • Google Classroom aims to simplify the creation, distribution, and grading of assignments in a paperless way. It also streamlines the process of sharing files between teachers and students and allows for collaboration in real-time.
  • Illuminate is a program that allows teachers to administer tests online and track student progress. 
  • LanSchool is a software program that allows teachers to monitor and manage students’ Chromebooks in real-time. 

Ed Tech ToolThe Education Technology Department helps teachers stay up to date on best practices related to technology in the classroom by offering a variety of other supports, such as:

  • The Digital Fellow Program - Fellows at school sites are teamed up with a member of the Ed Tech team and coached on all things technology to help build their expertise and knowledge, and in turn, they support and build the expertise and knowledge of staff at their site.
  • K-12 Tech Tool of the Month is a monthly feature on approved tools and projects tied directly to the curriculum. 
  • K-12 Tech Integrated Projects are an extension of Tech Tool of the Month, where teachers have access to suggested projects, specific to their grade level and subjects. The goal is to incorporate one of the highlighted “tools” from Tech Tool of the Month in the core curriculum area of their choice.
  • NMUSD’s Digital Learning Day is an annual conference that focuses on integrating technology into the classroom. Sessions are offered on a variety of topics/programs and delivered by NMUSD staff.

In addition to technology support for teachers, the Educational Technology Department also offers resources for parents to appropriately manage their student’s use of technology.

NMUSD classrooms are a place for educators and students to integrate technology efficiently, foster digital citizenship, support innovation and comprehensive instruction. These supports and resources all culminate in our students becoming digitally responsible, confident technology users.